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Congrats to the attendees of the August 2020 Writer's Accountability and Enrichment Retreat! Writers from Memphis & Atlanta traveled to a beautiful, upscale cottage in Gatlinburg, TN for a time of focused fun with other like-minded people.

During their 4 day stay, the group shared new works in a traditional table read fashion, but they also supported each other's business dreams and creative planning skills by swapping industry knowledge about scriptwriting software, online marketing strategies, networking opportunities, and of course, tools designed to help with becoming a better writer.

The group established accountability partners to offer help in following through with individually outlined goals. When reflecting on this time of enrichment, Princeton James said "I sincerely appreciate the group for agreeing to go on this journey. It was incredibly impactful and productive... thanks for trusting the vision and pouring into each other."

For more information about attending the next Writer's Accountability and Enrichment Retreat, contact Princeton James at

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