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We inked up!

I am beyond thrilled to share the news that Tracey "Jazzy" Brown has signed on as the first client for Jently Publishing! Tracey is a phenomenal writer and director... but most importantly, she is a friend and epic accountability partner.

After supporting me in the pivot to podCAST for A FERRY TALE, Tracey decided to continue with me on the publishing journey by adapting her stage play SIX DEGREES for productions with young actors.

In February of 2020, Tracey made her directorial debut with SIX DEGREES. She describes the story as "delving into taboo issues that adolescents face everyday. Divorce, mental health, adoption, and social influence all plague Generation Z, and sometimes, they suffer in silence." Tracey believes that "highlighting these issues in a theatrical format allows us to start a conversation, opening a door that can potentially create a safe space for our youth to tell us what they need without feeling slighted or judged." Tracey hopes creating a youth adaptation of her script will allow her to impact the lives of families that she might not have otherwise had the opportunity to reach.

Please join me in celebrating Tracey! And check out footage of Tracey sangin' and werkin' her acting chops for the podCAST recording of A FERRY TALE by visiting and while you're there, subscribe to the newsletter too!


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