A Ferry Tale: The Musical Debut

from Nak Jently

A Ferry Tale is an original musical about Feri, a young woman sailing toward fulfilling her dreams. She is given a reality check when she awakens to find herself stuck in a nightmare. Increasing pressures drive her into the arms of a predator, who has plans that will alter the course of her life forever. 


Meet the Workshop Cast

Kierra Turner as Feri
Saint Allen Austin as Devin
Jasmine Robertson as Joanne + others
Lance Raikes as LaDarius + others
Roberta Insco-Cox as Prof. Nico + others
JD Jenkins as Jamie, Judge + others
Eboni Caine as Sthenia + others
Lavarious Goods as Drew + others
Rachel Thomas as Tammi + others

Taylor St. John


Calvin J. Barnes II

Music Producer, Accompanist


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