About Nak Jently Productions

Pronounced “Knock Gently” Productions, we are an indie production company based in Memphis that specializes in theatrical productions, films, music, arts education and community collaboration. We strive to connect artists and audiences within our legendary city, and we seek opportunities to collaborate with others nationally and globally.

About Our Creative Director

Jenita Nakamura is a teaching artist who categorizes herself as a songwriter, choreographer, and dramatist 

based in Memphis. Upon returning home to Memphis in 2018, Jenita joined the Orpheum Theatre Group as the Manager of Education Engagement. Prior to returning to to Memphis, Jenita spent 7 years in San Jose, California, serving as the Managing Director for National Youth Performers. Now, Jenita is the Creative Director of Nak Jently Productions.

Jenita has over 20 years of performance experience, which began at the age of 10 in her local Brooklyn, NY church community center. As a graduate of Tennessee State University, Jenita has a social work education that allows her to serve the Nashville community for 9 years as an in-home family crisis counselor. Many of the situations encountered during Jenita's time as a social worker make their mark on her stories, creating an opportunity to explore social issues with audiences and spark conversations about topics such as predatory violence and sex trafficking. In addition to being a conversation catalyst, Jenita hopes that her art can call citizens to action and promote healing for survivors. She credits her songwriting experiences with birthing a "restorative resurrection" in her life that she hopes will inspire future generations. 

About Our Growing Creative Team

Our creative team at Nak Jently Productions works to bring original stories from diverse perspectives to our audiences.

Jenita Nakamura
Creative Director
Saint Allen Austin 
Digital Marketing