About Nak Jently

Meet Jenita Nakamura, writer, director & producer

I am Nak Jently, a freelance writer, director and producer of indie works for stage, film, and events. I fulfill my 

mission of unlocking hearts thru the arts by providing content crafted in the spirit of love & liberation.


I returned to Memphis in 2018 after a long period of repeated tragic loss. Prior to this season of grieving, I had occasionally kept some sort of journal off and on; however, in 2015, as weeks of agony turned into months of pain and grew into years of sorrow, I began to write regularly. Because of the hardships I was suffering, my journaling usually included spells of crying out in anguish. Quite honestly, allowing myself to release high pitched shrieks and deep wails was the only way I found relief. The haunting melodies would stick with me and bring comfort in my lonely moments of despair.

One day while reading from my notebook of desperate prayers, I found that the words felt poetic and quite fitting as lyrics for the melodies. To distract my mind from my problems, I would plunk on the piano and hum tunes that brought structure to my newly formed songs. I would frequently revisit the prayers, revise the melodies, arrange, and rearrange the songs into stories.


I began to write under the moniker Nak Jently (pronounced "knock gently"). Overtime, I realized I had more music, monologues, poems, and scripts than I knew what to do with, and surprisingly, I had also gained something even more valuable... I had healing. The tears and tangled up prayers combined with the wailing and writing was actually a process that allowed me to process. Instead of staying stuck in the past, I worked through the pain to have a healthy future. 

By practicing artistically, I found a path and developed a wellness program. Now, I open the door for others to join me in the journey of practicing art to heal (P.A.T.H.). Because together, we hold the key to unlocking hearts thru the arts.

Jenita Nakamura
Nak Jently