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Student Guide Featuring
"The Underground" 
podCAST Recording

Once upon a time, a young social media influencer found herself stuck at home in isolation. During her attempt to break free, her path is intersected by a suspected predator. 
A FERRY TALE follows the journey of Feri as she faces the harsh realities that come with the business of fulfilling fantasies.

Meet the team behind "The Underground" podCAST Recording

Meet the Cast - Ferry Tale
Tasha E. Jones  as FERI
Brandon Johnson as DEVIN
Princeton James as PROFESSOR NICO
Rekeitha Morris as STHENIA
JD Jenkins as JAMIE

Brandon Person as DREW

Tracey Brown as MARSHA

Tredarius Starks as LaDARIUS


Jeanine Jones as REPORTER


Student Guide Information

After five fun-filled focus groups, the Read Between The Lines study guide for A FERRY TALE is now available! Students in middle school & high school can explore the study guide to create their own art, story adaptations & alternate endings.


Click the button below to contact us for more information about guided workshops for your group. 

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