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We are Jently Publishing homegrown music, playscripts, and books created by everyday people in order to amplify the underemphasized voices in Memphis, TN.


Jently Publishing empowers individuals, families, and communities to

share their stories of perseverance and triumph with step by step

guidance through the music, media & literary publishing processes. 

What We Do

Legacy Storytelling

Want to pass down the story of your legacy?


We help individuals, families, & life event planners 

create legacy art that captures the unique qualities of heritage that celebrate life, love, perseverance & triumph.

We facilitate guided workshops to help create 

original works from beginning to end. 


Just click below to tell us your desired storytelling medium, whether its music, poetry, documentary film, or other art form.


Got a great story?


We can help you publish your original creations

with step by step guidance through the music, media & literary distribution processes. 


And if you need help polishing & packaging your story, then we've got you!  

Just click the button below to tell us where you are in the process and what you hope to accomplish.

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