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On Saturday, October 23, 2021,  A FERRY TALE premiered at The Orpheum-Memphis. With over 400 in attendance, the event was a dream come true for author, Jenita Nakamura also known as Nak Jently.

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Dreams come true. Nightmares do too. 

Once upon a time, a young daydreamer got a reality check on her way to happily ever after. This hip-hop soul journey follows Feri, a social media influencer who comes face to face with the problem of putting price tags on people. After being awakened to the harsh realities attached to the business of fulfilling fantasies, Feri fights to free herself from the lure of fame and fortune. The quest to find true value leads her to an unmarked fork in the road— one path promises liberation and the other offers covering under a spell of disenchantment. As impending doom threatens to consume her life, Feri must choose a path before it’s too late.

Check Out The Announcement Video Below!

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Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 7:30pm 

Orpheum Theatre-Memphis

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Featured Video

Click to watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the workshop cast of

A FERRY TALE, written by Jenita Nakamura and directed by Taylor St. John.