Nak Jently is a freelance writer, director and producer  of indie works for stage, film, and events. She fulfills her mission of unlocking hearts thru the arts by providing exceptional content crafted to emphasize principles of wisdom and integrity for the purpose of reversing the generational effects of bondage & restoring self worth. 


Dreams come true. 

Nightmares do, too.

Once upon a time, a young video blogger encountered a predator. This soulful musical chronicles her journey of awakening to the realities of human trafficking.


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PATH is a program of committed artistic practice

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The program focuses on finding wholeness through authentic expression using guided reflections. The content created during the process is simply a beautiful byproduct of healing.

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mission of unlocking hearts thru the arts.

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A FERRY TALE, written by Jenita Nakamura and directed by Taylor St. John.