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Q-tine was no joke for me. Time in isolation has a way of putting things in perspective, and after many valuable table-reads, workshops, focus groups, and recordings, I have decided to share A FERRY TALE with the community. Of course, I'm "nerve cited", which is a term I like to use to indicate my over the top combination of nervousness and excitement at the same time. The truth is, I've never felt more courageous, but I know it's not courage coming from my own strength. It definitely comes from the time prayerfully spent in isolation pondering my current reality and reflecting on conversations with loved ones who have been supportive and encouraging.

So, this is the season when the dark fantasy I spent 7 years writing becomes a reality on stage. We are already completely engulfed in the production planning process, and our team will be starting the audition process in a couple of weeks. Finally I feel strong enough, wise enough, brave enough, and enough enough to follow the path that I have been imagining all this time... And I'm going to do it the way the story suggests- compensation through community collaboration. I know that's not a popular concept, but the more I learn about community work, the more I realize that many of us have similar dreams that can be achieved if we pursue working together, rather than stepping on each other. It's a daily challenge for me to trust and share, so I feel honored when folks bravely take some risks alongside me.

If I don't know anything else, I know that the story of A FERRY TALE speaks to a lot of people, and I'm grateful for the community of supporters encouraging me to share the work that has been built. I'm looking forward to seeing who shows up to answer the casting call for. the premier production, and I openly invite YOU to join us for the journey.

To request audition info CLICK HERE. For more about the history of the production, visit the A FERRY TALE page on


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